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Register for this term’s two classes on the ritual prayer—The Meaning of the Prayer and Invocations of the Prayer—at a reduced fee.

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The Meaning of Prayer

Instructor: Sheikh Salman Younas

Time & Location

Mondays 8pm – 9pm

12 Oct – 14 Dec 2020

This course will be delivered via Zoom.

Course Description

Prayer is the basis of our relationship with God. The ritual prayer (salat) is the most salient obligation in Islam, and purification its key. This course will teach students the inner and outward dimensions of these acts of worship based on the primary texts of Islam and the teachings of the great spiritual masters of the Islamic tradition. This course will address a number of questions, including:

• What is the reality of purity and prayer?
• Why do we perform these rituals?
• How do we perform these rituals?
• What do these rituals and their actions signify in terms of our relationship to Allah?
• How do these rituals allow us to connect to Allah in this world?

Invocations of the Prayer

Time & Location

Saturdays 8pm – 9pm


17 Oct – 19 Dec 2020


This course will be delivered online on Zoom.

Course Description

Bring your ritual prayer to life: learn the invocations (du‘as) we recite during the salat. Beginning with the opening supplication, each week you will learn a new supplication and its significance: its linguistic composition, its placement in the prayer, and how it fits more broadly within the Qur'an and hadith. The course concludes with a study of the eleven opening verses of ‘The Believers’ (Surah al-Mu’minun), in which the essential qualities nurtured through ritual prayer are described.

Financial Assistance

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact us if you would like to be considered for a bursary.


Registered students will have access to recordings of each week's lesson. The videos will be posted within a day of each session, and will remain accessible until two weeks after the course has ended.