The Life of the Prophet (2020–21 Term 1)

 Avatar    Thaqib Mahmood

Course Description

The life of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace) is a cornerstone for the full understanding of Islam. Every other Islamic discipline serves to elucidate how the tradition (sunnah) of the Prophet was embodied in his noble life.

In this year-long course, divided into three ten-week terms, the life of the Prophet shall be studied chronologically. Particular attention will be given to those events in his life that best reflect how virtuous character is expressed in the face of adversity. By analysing how other Islamic disciplines draw on the life of the Prophet to inform their bodies of knowledge, students will also develop a greater appreciation for Islam’s integrated scholarly tradition.

About the Instructor

Thaqib Mahmood

Sheikh Thaqib Mahmood is a traditionally-trained Muslim scholar and instructor in Arabic. He has studied the traditional Islamic disciplines in Yemen, Syria, the UK, Mauritania, and Turkey. He currently teaches Arabic at the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford. He holds a PGDIP in Arabic teaching from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and is completing a Master's degree in linguistics at the same institution.