Week 9: Madina

The merits of Madina Visiting the Prophet (blessings upon him)

Week 8: Stoning & Sacrifice

Traveling to Muzdalifa & then the jamarat The sacrifice of Ibrahim (blessings upon him) The final rituals

Week 5: The Sacred House

The story of Ibrahim (blessings upon him) The merits of the Sacred House Greeting the Sacred House & Tawaf

Week 4: Mecca

The history and merits of Mecca Mecca as inviolable land The ihram

Week 3: Journeying to Allah

The concept of journeying in Islam The role of journeying in recognizing Allah & nurturing the self The adab of journeying

Week 1: Why Hajj?

Understanding Allah & tawhid Hajj as a moment in history Hajj as an expression of tawhid